Wednesday, December 2, 2009

more of the same... and then we hit the studio!!!

So day 3 of driving came with some... exciting times?? About 70kms from Grafton, we hit a deep pot hole, and after that the car started handling badly... so we pulled over to find out that the back passenger tyre had been completely destroyed!! So we pulled into a nearby petrol station ( i use that term loosely.. just a petrol pump and a cash register in the middle of nowhere) and proceeded to change the tyre. Almost getting the tyre off, I found one of the nuts WAY to tight to get off, so we called on the help of a local tough guy to help us get it off!! He directed us to the nearest tyre shop to get another spare... as we still had a 150kms or so to go, and had to get back to Melbourne also at some point!!!

So after getting to Grafton, we got a new tyre, and headed on to Byron Bay, loaded our gear into the studio, and headed to Mullumbimby to stay the night, as the Studio Accommodation wasn't ready to go for us yet. Mark and I had a.... few beers, and headed off to bed.

Today we got up, headed into Byron Bay for some lovely breakfast, and into the studio to set up. The drums arrived, and got set up thanks to Greg from The Drum Cartel, great guy!! Paul, our engineer, and his assistant Angus have made us feel very welcome so far. Angus has made sure he knows how we take our coffee, because he has designated himself our Coffee Boy!!!

Dave arrived by plane (not very Rockstar Dave!!) and we got everything ready to go for tomorrow.. when Mr Jeff Martin arrives and we get stuck into making album number 4!!!! Good times.... Good times....

All the drums... two DW kits, about 8 snares and a big Ludwig KICK!!!

A nice gong ... I'm sure we'll find a use for it!!

The monster kit, all setup and ready to go!!!

The MIC gallery... oh my lord!!!!

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