Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guitars, guitars & more guitars!!

Its been a few days since our last blog but we have been doing hectic 14-15 hour days so forgive us! Well everything is coming along well, its shaping up to be a very different album for the band, in some ways our heaviest and rawest but in some ways very much our most rock album, Jeff has been amazing with his attention to detail and seems to be able to create every jimmy page guitar sound on demand:) For you guys and girls out there that care about the technical details, I have tracked most of the rhythm guitars on my gibson les paul through the classic supro amp and a mesa, I have used a telecaster for most of the lead work, either through the supro or a marshall with a 'big muff' pedal. I will be finished my guitar parts on monday & then Jeff with go through and add some additional parts himself on his collection of guitars!

At this stage looks like we will track vocals in January as we really need to make sure they are right, so this week will be finishing the music and mixing. Jeff and myself will then spend some time refining the lyrics and melodies.

So its sunday right now, our first much needed day off, we have been going usually from around 12pm till 4am everyday, so today we cruised around byron bay with jeffs guitar tech kenny who is also staying in the house with us, he is a great fellow and already we love him dearly. A nice afternoon at th ebeach then the pool, now dinner then rest up for work again tomorrow. No rest for the wicked it seems:) - Mark


Elizabeth said...

love the photos hun!! :) is there a photo of your chest up on the eternal under a new sun board heehe xxxxooo

Luis Fazendeiro said...

Go Kelson! Go Kelson! :)

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