Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So its basically in the bag

Well I'm not sure how many of you have even joined us on this adventure on this blog, but for those of you that have, thank you for joining us. I'm sitting here back at home listening to some of the mixes and reflecting on the months passed, we have really come up with a nice record and it was amazing to see how hard Jeff Martin & Paul the engineer worked on this, its great when the people you work with have some passion for the project and it sort of helps you feel what you are doing is worth while because the process can get so involved you often lose sight on what your doing and why you are doing it. For me being a big fan of Jeff Martin & The Tea Party it has been an invaluable experience to see how someone I respect a great deal works and It's a nice feeing that we are now bonded by this recording, of course this album has bonded myself, Marty & Dave even more but when I hear this record I hear it reflects all our hard work including Jeff. I think after hearing it 10000 million times its time to take a week away from it so I can listen with fresh ears and plan the next stage which is mastering this beast. I hope you all enjoy this album, as we have truely poured all we have into it and feel this is our strongest and post pure musical expression to date, so at the end of all this I hope you can feel the passion we have put into this thing, for now you must be patient, it will be in your ears soon enough!:) - Mark

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vocals are done

It was an intense 5 days for me, 15-16 hour days, but vocals are done as of about 6am yesterday. So far I think its some of the best vocal work I have done, and its been great that Jeff has also contributed some backing vocals adding an extra element to the sound. The great thing about our process is that we process and mix alot as we go, so today and tomorrow will just be fine tuning the mixes & then the album is basically done! I'll update again a bit later - Mark

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vocals, Vocals, Vocals!

First off, sorry for lack of blogs, its been an intense few days, we have a great deal of singing to do, and not the longest amount of time to do it in! So its friday morning, we have around six songs done, some of the more difficult ones have been done, so now we must pound through the rest. Some nice things have taken shape, including a duet type thing between me and jeff in the song 'the sleeper'. Its been great having a singer like Jeff help me shape these vocals, I think you will all agree this is some of the best work The Eternal has done, ok back to work! more news soon... Mark

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now rock has began

So yesterday we began tracking vocals. I was nervous as you may have picked up, but that settled once we began work and it actually sounded good, the first song we approached was the title track 'Under A New Sun'. We layered some lush harmonies in the chorus and of course its started to sound like The Eternal but something is a bit sharper, a bit different, I cant put my finger on it yet but its pretty cool! So 'Under A New Sun' was tracked with not to much hassle and we also managed to get half of 'Delerium & Desire' in the bag also. So its nearly midday, time for some scales, honey tea, a quick dribble of whiskey down the throat and its back to work! - Mark