Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kelson keeps it moving

We are nearly at the end of day 7 and the rhythm guitars are nearly all finished. Today was spent hammering out layers of Mesa and Marshall guitar tones over the already rich rhythm sections that have been laid down already. The studio has been inhabited by Mark, Jeff and the boys for many hours now, and the fruits of their labour are tasting pretty sweet. It seems all of the months of practice and hard work in the rehearsal room has paid off with Mark nutting out super tight guitar tracks at a inhuman rate. All we can do now is rest for the days of lead, acoustics, keys and vocals that are due to be laid down in the next few days.

The rest of the boys have been making the most of the weather and beautiful surroundings that Byron Bay has to offer. This truely is an amazing setting to work in and the album that is unfolding is a reflection of this. Thanks for everyones kind words and encouragement, we are all in this together and we couldn't do it without your support.

Dave and the rest of the boys


Lilith said...

I think you guys are extremely talented I know you are giving your all into this album and Jeff Martin will help bring out the best in you. Though hours of endless hard work I’m sure “Under A New Sun” will be well received and appreciated. Curious to see the finished product and always cheering you on! your US. street team ;) - Lilith (Dark Angel Projekt)

Elizabeth said...

go mark go!!!! im so glad it seems to all be going smoothly, and that you are getting the amazing sounds that you had hoped for. really looking forward to hearing it. have marks fingers started to bleed yet? he said jeff had put on some heavy strings. have a great friday night making magic music xo

lil c said...

awesome dooodes, you guys sound pretty happy with how it's all going, I bet it's gonna sound freakin' swoit! My god, it seems to be going so quickly too!

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