Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Studio fever

Paul is no longer allowed to move from his seat

Another beautiful day in Byron Bay today and we are locking ourselves in a small dark room again to roll out the remaining acoustics and keyboard parts. With all the leads done including some absolutely blinding solos from Mark and a few little gems from the big man himself, everything is really coming together. Now it's all about the colours and layers that make Eternal records what they are.

Paul and Mark have been busy loading in the various keyboard parts care of our Finnish friend Maria Ilmoniemi which are being mixed and chopped and changed with various Keyboard/Piano parts that Jeff is contributing. Acoustic layers are being placed carefully within the mix giving it all a very organic sound.

It's about this stage of course that we are all suffering from a bit of studio fever. Insanity and ridiculousness is pretty much all we capable of at the moment. It is only going to get worse for the next few days also because the days are getting longer and the average finishing time is creeping towards 5am every night. Tomorrow I will be leaving the boys to go back to Melbourne, back to work and back to normality, at least for a little while. Thanks to everyone who has been reading these blogs and I like the rest of you ill be looking forward to hearing all about how the session wraps up. We have done so much great work so far so I assure you this album will be something special and the boys and I can't wait to hear it.


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Daniel said...

Hi guys. It's awesome to follow your blog & can't wait to hear the new stuff. wish you all the best!
a dropped D chord to you & cheerz from switzerland. daniel

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