Tuesday, December 8, 2009

.... and then, there was guitar!

So under the watchful eye and ear of Jeff Martin - Mark has smashed out some amazing sounding guitar track. Using the combination of Mark's Les Paul, and Jeff's 1971 Les Paul Recording through a Supro amp, the base has been laid for what will be one of the best guitar sounds I've heard on a recording in a long time!!!

The Supro is the amp of choice for Jimmy Page on the early Led Zeppelin albums, and you can see why. It has a great tone, and if this is the start of this guitar sound - I can not wait to hear what comes next.

Today the guys have also laid down some haunting sounds to flow over the top of Delirium and Desire. I won't give away too many secrets early on, but when we hear the finished product, it's amazing the detail that has gone into this sound.

At the moment we are still laying down some Supro sounds, and up next will come the Marshall, Mesa and Fender sound (see pic above to see what we have setup sound wise at the moment), along with a Leslie and so much more it's almost mind boggling!

The next few days will bring some interesting moments I'm sure........

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