Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 3

Well, no one can be sure how it happened, the hard work, the endless practice or the influence of aleister crowley but one thing is for sure, the drums are done, tracked in a day and a half, perfectly! The sound is like bonham x 10! We are all really happy, so hats off to marty oshea!

So a short break now and a quick meal prepared by one Jeff Martin before we settle in to an evening of Bass, we are doing well for time and so far this album is turning out to be better than we could have hoped for! - Mark


Anonymous said...

well done guys!!! can't wait to hear it!! xoxo liz

Luis Fazendeiro said...

Marty always delivers! :D


Anonymous said...

Jeff cooks too!.... Ha ha

Loving the posts guys, thank you. Just reading the song title layout is like a story. Can't wait the hear it.
Love and Light to all xx

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