Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost there!

So after 3 solid weeks off all nighters and hard work the album is done except vocals! The mixes are basically done and I have to say this sounds amazing, Jeff understood and added some great things to our music so I cant wait to get this album out there, as a band, this is clearly the strongest album we have done, it contains some of the most beautiful and heavy work we have done. So now we have a month off to refine the vocals and go over the mixes for fine tuning in the first week of feb, we truely have a special record on our hands and we cant wait to share it with you! We have to thank everyone who is involved at this point, Paul for his all night pro-tooling, Jeff of course for his vision and attention to detail, Angus for keeping Jeff in vodka & Kenny for always keeping a tuned guitar in my hands and tending to almost every other musical need we had... not to mention being a great house mate and great cook, kenny I owe you many dinners! So now we take it easy for a few weeks and then get this album finished! cant wait! be sure to check back at the start of Feb! For now we hope you all have a great xmas! - Mark

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