Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ok, so as you all know we are tracking vocals in Feb and tweeking the final mixes then also, so the last few days have been getting the basic mixes together, this is quite an involved process, we go through each track tweek th eq's add any additional instruments and over dubs and sort out the large amount of keyboard parts supplied by our keyboard player Maria which of course she tracked in Finland. We have only 2 tracks to go and this process will be done! The idea is that we let these ruff mixes (which believe me are not ruff by anys standards) and then give them a month to settle and come in and refine everything. Vocals Jeff and myself will workshop vocal melodies tomorrow, I have of course written them but the idea of having a producer is of course outside input so Jeff and myself plan to refine these ideas, focuse on the hooks and just get the best possible result we can! Its all sounds really great at the moment, huge sound, yet very spacious, we cant wait to share this with you all! - Mark

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