Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back In Byron Bay

So here I am again, sitting in 301 Byron Bay as we get set up for the vocal sessions. The week leading up to this has been great, Jeff & Myself have refined the poetry, coaxed the vocal melodies to reach their full potential and now its time to put this all into motion.

I arrived here a few hours back to the familiar faces of Paul and Angus setting up mic's and doing a recall mix on 'Under A New Sun'. I know they must get some diva singers in this place cos the vocal booth looks more comfy than my lounge room, I have some great mood lights, a couch & it's all been cleaned up for their latest vocal diva... ME! haha

So in the next hour Kenny (Jeff Tech) will be here from Brisbane (We parted ways in Sydney this morning), so we will have a lovely dinner then get to some work for the evening to get myself warmed up and ready to rock! More news and pics to come. - Mark

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