Monday, November 30, 2009

West Wyalong... and beyond!!!

Ok - So Mark and myself have now made it to a little hotel in a town in New South Wales, called West Wyalong!! Leaving at 5.30pm and arriving at midnight made for an interesting drive in the dark, through country NSW!! For the most part, the drive was eventless and mindless chatter ensued... but somewhere in the middle (we were too scared to ask where we were) we encountered a small General Store in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Needing some food, and needing a quick "call of nature" stop - we ventured into the small shop. After purchasing some snacks and drinks, we asked where the toilet was.... she said she would "take us back in a minute". She waved us back behind the counter, and through the back door into the house!!! We passed a young girl on her computer, that never looked up or away from the computer... and then into a lounge, that smelled like dim sims, cigarettes and other assorted bad smells!!! On the couch in the lounge, there was a big old country guy, wearing a "wife beater" and 'apparently' sleeping... we think he may have been dead... maybe! She then left us in the back of the house to use her toilet, after which we scurried out and left in a big hurry!!!

We took a quick photo of the small general store in the middle of nowhere... Hmm. But now - we must sleep.. get up, and drive further on to Armadale tomorrow... then the next day, travel onto Byron Bay, where we shall lay down the best Aussie Heavy Rock Album known to mankind!!!!!!

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